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quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2005

Revoluton, evolution, masturbation, flagellation, regulation, integrations, meditations, United Nations, congratulations

Crachá em segunda mao (£0.50). Esta paranomásia já está um bocado batida, mas era a coisita mais barata no Greenwich Market.

"(...) Mr. Timberlake appears once more on the smooth "My Style" (...)"
Mas, ainda assim, let's give (Black Eyed) Peas a chance!

"(...) With its witty rhymes and clean lyrics, this is hip hop for families. (...)"
Nao obstante, tentemos give Peas a chance.

"(...) Where once they sang about socially important issues, Monkey Business is more concerned with Fergie's lovely lady lumps. (...)"
Porémtodaviacontudonoentanto, [everybody now!] give Peas a chance!

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