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sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2005

Saber perder tempo* [episódio piloto, na verdade um rascunho, nao, um post-it, vá]

£16.99 versus £750,000

"It is widely known that Jack is a self-taught artist and it seems unsurprising that as, in his early painting years he had neither the time nor the money to work with real-life models, that he should use a teaching manual such as this.

Vettriano's skill lies in his ability to create narrative paintings with which the viewer becomes involved. He is a master of generating atmosphere in his paintings and bringing to life the characters within them." (Tom Hewlett, amigo e agente do gajo que mais posters dos seus quadros vende na Europa, sim, mais ainda que o Van Gogh ou o Monet e os seus motivos florais, in The Scotsman, 04/10/2005)

*Já desenvolvo isto, logo que tenha acesso a um PC que nao me atire 'a cara erros fatais a cada cinco, sete minutos.

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